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How to Help

Troncones, Majahua and Playa Saladita have several opportunities for helping within our communities. Organizations focus on the children and schools, clean up and recycling and animals in need.

Please click on the link below to view some of these organizations and find out what you can do to contribute.

Some of the Best the Area has to Offer!

Troncones Weather

Troncones Point marks the first elbow in the Pacific Coast's northwest bend, so it's positioned to pick up plenty of swell energy from the South Pacific. The wave will wrap hard around the cobblestone shoreline, which makes for long but shouldery peelers. As a result, you will hear more longboarders rave about Troncones Point then you will shortboarders. Nevertheless, it's a great pointbreak when there is swell, plus there are a plethora of other good (and sometimes better) beach/pointbreaks nearby including La Boca, Saladita and The Ranch just up the coast.

Troncones Point